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  1. use a straw!

    June 29, 2012 by maggie

    in light of all the serious talk, i wanted to post something more lighthearted.

    for the last few years (umm, since moving to nyc) i have been a coffee drinker. my teeth are not as white as they used to be, so i am using crest whitestrips (yep, chemicals) to lighten them up a bit. i can already tell a difference and i’m on day 5. i only plan on using 10 (1 per day) and b will use the other 10. i’ve used them before a few times and they really work. you definitely don’t have to use all 20 strips.

    brunch at mudspot – coffee + OJ!

    so – how to keep teeth white and keep drinking my coffee?

    use a straw!

    i heard you should also use a straw when you drink:

    • coffee & (dark) tea
    • soda (which you shouldn’t drink anyway)
    • orange juice
    • red wine (ha! drinking wine with a straw)

    some tooth-staining foods that a straw will not help with are foods that could stain clothing – if it can stain clothing, it can probably stain your teeth. culprits might be soy sauce, dark berries (unfortunate), and aging (ok – aging doesn’t stain your clothes, nor is it a food). but flossing might help with these (and flossing is great anyway, not just for stain prevention).

    what are your healthy teeth tips?